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Adventures with code

by Franrey Anthony S. Saycon
soft skills

Dealing with Technical Debt

Let's talk about technical debt and why management and developers should be aware and manage it.
Tags: Soft Skills, Engineering Management
soft skills

The Product Context

Let's tackle the product context on what it is and why we engineer should care about requesting it.
Tags: Soft Skills, Product Management
software writeup

Experiencing Web3

What I learned and realized in my experiences in Web3
Tags: Blockchain, Web3
frontend development

React + Stitches = Awesome

Explore Stitches + React by building a theme toggle app. See Stitches's API in action!
Tags: React, Stitches, Javascript
software architecture

Route-based Microfrontends

Take a look at a route based strategy when dealing with microfrontends and its implications.
Tags: Microfrontends
frontend development

Mental Models with useEffect

Take a deep dive with me in exploring mental models to deal with the useEffect hook from React.
Tags: React, Javascript, Hooks API
frontend development

How I Built My Blog with NextJS

Let's have a dive on NextJS fundamentals to build a blog just like this!
Tags: NextJS, Typescript, JAMStack
software architecture

Message Broker ETL Pipeline

Explore with me on the role of a message broker in an ETL pipeline. Let's learn how we could scale our data workers in this article.
Tags: ETL, Data Engineering